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Pricing - I bet it's above 50k

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  • Pricing - I bet it's above 50k

    So I was having a discussion on another forum the other day about the Z pricing.
    LOTS of people expect this to be in the mid 30s, to compete the BRZ twins for some inexplicable reason. If I mention that it will probably have an MSRP around 55k (to compete with the Supra I6) people seem to lose it.

    I am personally betting the base 4 cyl starts at mid 40s, and the V6 to be mid 50s. Expect a Nismo version in 2022 to be mid 60s.

    Side note - wouldn't it be amazing if the Nismo version of this car had an aero package to look like the special edition Nissan 240zg - which was basically their "Nismo" version in Japan back in the early 70s. This car looks so sweet I even bought a die-cast replica to put on my desk at work.

    Nissan 240zg:
    Click image for larger version

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    We'll see in about 20 minutes.

    I am guessing there is going to be a 4banger base model and a more expensive v6.

    I love the Z line because of the fact that ALL the models have the same engine. It's refreshing to me, so for the love of God I hope Nissan puts the V6 in all the trims.

    I have no problem if it starts in the 50s to compete with the Supra, but I am hoping for a low 40k V6 model. However, since the new Nismos are selling for 46k new currently, I just don't see that happening. I LOVE the Nismo and I even thought about purchasing one (no doubt they will be a future classic in about 20 years time and probably the Z model that will retain it's value the best) but I don't see how Nissan will be offering a 350hp car at 46K when they have a 400hp base model at the same price.

    Because of that, I bet the V6 model starts in the low 50s.


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      So obviously no word on pricing! Figures... it will probably be released when we have an actual retail version.

      But, at the very least, we now know for sure that it will be a twin turbo V6.

      By the way - obviously it didn't follow the design pattern for the 240zg model. The grill looks... interesting.